The 14th German (Göttingen) International Ethnographic Film Festival will take place from 9 to 13 May 2018 in Koblenz

The festival promotes documentary cinema with a special emphasis on new films, videos or interactive media (published after 1.1.2015) dealing with socio-cultural processes in a wide sense of the term.
The festival is open to all filmmakers, but especially those having a background in anthropology, sociology, folklore, history etc. It provides a great opportunity for international exchange of ideas and co-operation in documentary filmmaking.

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017

The German International Ethnographic Film Festival (GIEFF) is celebrating its 25th anniversary with its 14th edition taking place from 9th to 13th May 2018 now at the Florinsmarkt in Koblenz.

Time for a Change

Initially, GIEFF was launched in 1993 as “Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival” by the“Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film” (IWF) in Göttingen. Confronted with government intentions to close IWF, an association (GIEFF e.V.) was founded in 2007 organising the festival ever since. The festival’s excellent international standing as well as a large group of loyal supporters helped to make the GIEFF a success for many years. However, with the final closure of the IWF in 2010, the festival lost its major institutional backing.

Fortunately, the University of Koblenz-Landau in collaboration with the Institute for Social and Sustainable Oikonomics (ISSO) have offered a new institutional partnership and support, which is why in 2016 the festival was held simultaneously at Göttingen and Koblenz. GIEFF e.V. then decided to move the festival entirely to the Florinsmarkt at Koblenz and consequently to rename the festival as “German International Ethnographic Film Festival” (GIEFF).

Handing over responsability - Andreas Ackermann and Beate Engelbrecht
Andreas Ackermann and Beate Engelbrecht

Part of this transformation process has also been the change of festival director, from “founding mother” Beate Engelbrecht to Andreas Ackermann, professor of Anthropology at the University of Koblenz-Landau. However, both will continue to work together for GIEFF, and Beate, with her longstanding and far-reaching contacts in the universe of Visual Anthropology, will now act as International Coordinator of the festival.