Submission deadline December 15, 2017

Please read the regulations before submitting a film!

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E-mail: event(at)

Submitted films

  • when send by postal mail please ask for address: event(at)
  • when send by private carrier it should be send to a private address
    please contact us before: event(at)
  • or could be uploaded: the corresonding information can be noted in the submission form or sent to us: event(at)

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The holder of the rights permits television news broadcast of clips from the film up to 3 minutes.


The holder of the rights permits GIEFF organisers to use the first three minutes of the film for festival reports on the internet and on DVD.

Submission fee 20 Euro (student 10 Euro) per medium
Payments in cash, to GIEFF bank account (Sparkasse Göttingen,), and paypal are accepted in Euro only.

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The applicant affirms to have obtained all necessary rights and permissions to present the submitted film/s at the Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival and to enter into the regulations of the Festival. In this respect the applicants will indemnify GIEFF e.V. against any actions, claims, costs or demands from whatever source and of whatever nature.
The submission of a film/video for GIEFF implies the acceptance of the regulations herewith enclosed.

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