Who We Are: Teaching Ethnography Through Collaborative Filmmaking

I will talk about the collaborative ethnographic filmmaking done as part of a master’s degree course in Intercultural Communication, the product of which is the film “Who We Are.” As the title suggests, the focus of the work is on the students’ reflection of their place in society and an expression of the elements that make up their identity. The students embarked on an auto-ethnography in visual form, the style and shape of their contributions left open to them – as a result widely differing, according to individual background and the issues that take the forefront in their lives, so resulting in a polyphony of perspectives.

The film “Who We Are” is a collaborative project in more than one way- it’s a collaboration between disciplines – sociology and anthropology - as well as a result of both students’ work and mine. To compare approaches, I will address a second collaborative project I have been a part of, an exercise in co-creative research and storytelling of pandemic moments by an international collective of anthropologists and artists (Visual Research Network), similarly intended to represent an evocative multiplicity of localities, perceptions, and sensibilities.

Clara Kleiniger, MA

Clara Kleininger was born and raised in Bucharest, studied Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna and has an MA in Visual Anthropology from the Granada Centre in Manchester. An alumna of the Dok Pro programme at the Wajda Film School in Warsaw, several of her short documentaries have been shown in international festivals, such as “Everyday Greyness”, which had its premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Her debut feature-length documenta “No Elephant in the Room” is now in post-production. Currently Clara lectures on anthropology, visual methods and documentary film at the Sociology department of the University of Opole, Poland .

Who We Are

Poland, 2021, 16 min
A Film by: MA Students Intercultural Communication University of Opole

Fellow students of a master program in Intercultural Communication reflect upon what makes up their identity. For this, they look back on their own lives and experiences, on discussions with friends or observations of family members. They use different ways of expression – from re-enactment to interviews over skype. Through editing, “Who We Are” brings out both parallels and contrasting experiences.

Screening: 30.05.2022 09:30

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