Working with migrant collectives in Barcelona

The film project “Barcelona - Ciudad de Acogida” is set in the context of the question of how urban networks of solidarity are built, whether they influence European as well as local migration policy(ies) and to what extent they are in exchange with migrant collectives for this purpose. The ethnographic documentary is based on one and a half years of field research in the assemblage City, Flight and Migration and has a collaborative research approach as its cornerstone. Thanks to this, it provides deep insight not only into the organisation and functioning of diverse migrant collectives but also presents their everyday life and social struggles with regard to institutional and social racism from an internal perspective. During the research as well as during the production and post-production work, I worked collaboratively with a broad network of anti-racist initiatives, migrant self-organisations, committed individuals and filmmakers, which not only mark the uniqueness of this film but ultimately made it possible that this film project could be realised within three years.

Christin Schuchardt, MA

Christin Schuchardt, born 1990 in Erfurt/Germany, studied Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies at the University of Göttingen. During her studies she produced her first short film "Iduna-Komplex" (2016) and discovered her passion for filmmaking and non-fictional storytelling, which she deepened during her Masters in Visual Anthropology. In the last two and a half years, she focused on the production of her first documentary "Barcelona - A Welcoming City" (2021), an independent and participatory ethnographic film about the ongoing resistance of five BIPOC collectives and migrant self-organisations in the face of institutional racism. She currently lives in Barcelona, works as a freelance translator and devotes every free minute to filmmaking and sport climbing.

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