Participatory Demythologization and the Ethnographic Legacy of John Marshall

By Adrian Strong - Discussant


Adrian Strong completed his PhD studies on filmic representation of the Ju/hoansi of NyaeNyae (in Namibia) focusing on 50 years of filmmaking by John Marshall. In 2007 Strong returned to the Kalahari to make a film about the current problems facing the Ju/’hoansi, whom he had got to know in the late 1980s when working on a grass-roots development project established by Marshall. Over the past several years, Adrian has also been involved working in indigenous communities in Australia, teaching filmmaking in Far North Queensland, making a documentary about Fantome Island, a former leprosarium for indigenous people, and making films about ‘Contact period’ Rock Art for Griffith University with Australian archeologists and Aboriginal traditional owners. Adrian also holds Masters degrees in Physics and Mythology and has worked in international aid, international business and in academia.

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