Prof.Dr. Michael Schönhuth, University of Trier (Discussant) - Biography

Michale Schönhuth is a full Professor for Cultural Anthropology at the University of Trier, Germany. He is also an acting director at the Cluster of Excellence „Societal dependencies and social networks“ and project leader in the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 600 “Strangers and Poor People” (SFB 600), “. He graduated 1989 with a doctoral thesis on witchcraft in Europe and Africa. He is co-founder of the journal Entwicklungsethnologie, the only German speaking journal on the anthropology of development, and co-inventor-of the unique participatory network software “VennMaker”. Michael‘s scientific work focuses on participatory methods, migration, social networks, diversity, culture & development and intercultural issues, and since the 1990s he is consulting governmental and non-governmental agencies and foundations in these fields.

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