GIEFF Student Award 2020 Ceremony


The student award giving ceremony was conducted online. All the respective filmmakers and the members of the two jurys were present.

GIEFF Student Award 2020

The GIEFF Student Award went to the film Flox  by Hady Mahmoud, Egyptian (Egypt, 2019, 45,5 min) Location: Egypt, Cairo

One Honourable Mention went to the film Sky, Earth and Man by Caroline Reucker, German. (Germany, 2018, 70 min) Location: Morocco.  Production: Caroline Reucker and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

One Honourable Mention went to the film Coleum by Coralie Seignard, French. (France, 2020, 30 min) Location: France, Corsica. Production: Grec (Groupe de Recherches et d'Essais Cinématographiques)

Manfred Krüger Award

The Manfred Krüger Student Award went to the film Lukomir, My Home by Manca Filak and Žiga Gorišek, Slovenians.(Slovenia, 2018, 61 min) Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lukomir

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