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Ophir, The Real Land of Opportunity


France, 2020, 97,5 min
Location: Bougainville, Papua New Guinea
A Film by: Alexandre Berman, Olivier Pollet

“Ophir” tells the story of an extraordinary indigenous revolution for life, land and culture, opening up the path for the creation of the world’s newest nation in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. A poetic yet dramatic ode to the indelible thirst for freedom, culture and sovereignty; the film sheds light on the biggest conflict of the Pacific since the second World War, revealing the visible and invisible chains of colonization and its enduring cycles of physical and psychological warfare. The film is complemented by an educational/outreach multimedia platform launched in November 2020: https://www.colonialsyndrome.org/
Website: https://www.ophir-film.com/
Trailer of Film: https://youtu.be/fH-NbfOYH3s

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Screening: 12.05.2024 09:30

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The Real Land of Opportunity

Russian Federation, 2023, 100 min
Location: Russian Federation
A Film by: Andrey Ananin

"The Real Land of Opportunity" by Andrey Ananin chronicles the remarkable journey of American farmer Justus Walker, who transitions from an internet meme to a successful entrepreneur during his three decades in Russia. Despite facing numerous challenges, Walker persists in chasing the "American Dream" and eventually embarks on a journey into the unknown with his family, leaving behind his home and livelihood. Through this heartfelt and humorous tragicomedy about the life of "The Merry Milkman", Ananin not only highlights the beauty and social issues of his homeland Siberia but also emphasizes the transformative power of dreams and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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Screening: 12.05.2024 11:45

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