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Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival e.V.

The association "Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival e.V." organises the festival. It was founded in May 2007 (statutes). You are invited to become a sustaining member of the festival and get free entrance (application).

In cooperation with

Festival Committee 2010

Festival Director: Beate Engelbrecht
International Coordinator: Rolf Husmann

Festival Assistant: Anna Seegers-Krückeberg

Selection Committee 2010

Peter Crawford (Denmark)
Wolfgang Fuhrmann (Switzerland)
Rolf Husmann (Germany)
Jean Lydall (Germany)
Janine Prins (The Netherlands)
Pille Runnel (Estonia)
Florian Walter (Germany)
Nadine Wanono (France)

Jury Student Award 2010

Julia Binter (Austria)
Aryo Danusiri (Indonesia)
Barbara Keifenheim (Germany)

Executive Committee 2010

Andreas Bresler
Robert Scheck
Frank David

Interns 2010

Oliver Becker
Theresa George
Sarah Kinnert
Karina Klimenko
Sarah Özbagay
Judith Pein
Judith Schmidt
Nadine Zacharias
Peter Zschiesche