Conference 2002

Ethnographic Film Online

Technological development makes it easy to transfer moving images onto the internet. Specially those looking for audiovisual material valuate the possibilities the internet offers. Online catalogues are a valuable help for researcher and teachers. And now, there is the possibility to examine the films online before ordering them, or just to look at films which are presented there. There are various sites which present ethnographic material with quite different intentions. It might be just to show material, it might be to make distribution easier, it might be to initiate discussion or just to use new possibilities in the context of teaching etc.
During the conference various examples will be presented and discussed. The main focus, however, will be the discussion of questions of copyright and, more important, of ethical questions connected with presenting ethnographic film online.

Monday 13-5-2002


Nordic Anthropological Film Association
Online Catalogue with Moving Examples
By Frode Storaas (Norway)


IWFdigiclip and IWFcontentport
New Possibilities, New Questions
By Beate Engelbrecht (Germany)


Copyright and Ethical Questions
What do the Filmmakers Think?
What do the Filmed People Think?
Contributions from the Audience