Conference 2004

Ethics and Responsibilities in the Digital Era

Ethnographic filmmaking, cross cultural filmmaking, transcultural filmmaking has a lot to do with ethics and responsibilities. In the Digital Era many use the internet as communication and presentation plattform. The technical development are making many things possible. So, the question arises do we as filmmakers have special ethics and do we carry special responsibilities?

Monday 24-5-2004


  • André Affentranger, Switzerland, student filmmaker
  • Catarina Alves Costa, Portugal, filmmaker and member of GIFF selction committee
  • Nancy du Plessis, Germany/USA, filmmaker
  • Allison Jablonko, Italy, filmmaker
  • Karsten Krüger, Germany/China, teacher, ethnologist and filmmaker
  • Joceny Pinheiro, Portugal/UK, filmmaker
  • Emnet Tadesse Yadeta, Ethopie/Norway, filmmaker

All participants are invited to present a statement or a paper concerning the topic. Please mail a short abstract together with your personal data to Beate Engelbrecht ()