Selection Committee 2022

In 2022, we were still suffering from the Corona pandemic. The members of the selection committee therefore met online in pairs to select the films. We then met in Göttingen at the beginning of February, although not everyone was able to attend in person. At this point, the teams had basically agreed on the selection of the films. The final selection was then made and the film programme put together in video conferences.

Members of the 2022 selection committee were:

  • Giulia Battaglia (France)
  • Sandra Eckert (Germany)
  • Martin Gruber (Germany)
  • Susanne Hammacher (Germany)
  • Regina Knapp (Germany)
  • Matjaž Pinter (Slovenia)
  • Christian Riemenschneider (Germany)
  • Christos Varvantakis (Greece)

Thank you very much for your cooperation.