Call for ERASMUS Internships

Call for ERASMUS Internships for assisting the Festival organisation
Duration: 3 months (mid-March to mid-June, 2022)
Commitment: 3-4 days per weekLocation: Online and in Göttingen, Germany


The German International Ethnographic Film Festival is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe with the tradition of almost 30 years. It features a rich selection of new documentary and ethnographic cinema with a special emphasis on new films, videos or interactive media dealing with socio-cultural processes in a wide sense of the term. The festival is usually held in the city of Göttingen and also hosts a student competition that has become an important hub for young visual anthropologists and ethnographic filmmakers.
The GIEFF team is looking for ERASMUS (international) interns that would like to help organize and coordinate the festival in 2022. The event will take place in Göttingen from May 25-29, 2022. The festival is an opportunity for authors, producers and distributors, but also for audiences to exchange their views at the screenings and following discussions, as well as at special events which will be an integral part of the festival. The interns would participate as a part of GIEFF’s team of interns with special tasks that should be completed prior, during and after the festival. The work comprises of preparing information about the films and filmmakers, preparing visual material, international promotion, online communication, managing social media, and other organizational preparations leading up to the festival. During the festival the interns are expected to participate at the event in Göttingen, helping with coordination of the event, participating in discussions and moderating Q&A sessions. After the festival the interns should write a festival report, that will be submitted to ERASMUS and their respective University Departments.


Unfortunately, GIEFF is unable to provide direct funding for this internship opportunity. However, it is possible to procure some funding through the ERASMUS Traineeship program. However, this has to be done individually and in consultation with your department’s international coordinator. The GIEFF team will provide guidance to help you apply for funding, and arrange all the necessary agreements for your travel to Germany. For students who can apply for an internship as a part of their MA program, we would provide all the necessary support so that the internship placement gets recognized and graded by your University department.


-          organizational and communicational skills
-          very good English skills (Level C1)
-          German skills (Level B1) are an asset (but not a must)
-          Students of visual anthropology have an advantage


In order to apply for the internship placement with us, please write us a cover letter (500 words), expressing in detail: your interest in ethnographic film and/or visual anthropology; the subject of your study and topics you are engaged with; what would you like to contribute to GIEFF 2022?

Please send the cover letter with your CV to the following email: