Abstracts and Biographies

The abstracts and biographies are listed below according to program of the conference.

> Collaborating with Locals <

Collaborative Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology Programs and Participatory Video in Sahel

Speakers Trond Waage (Norwegian), Mouazamou Ahmadou (Cameroonian) and Sidylamine Bagayoko (Malian)

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Collaborative Films in Indigenous Terms

Speakers Typju Myky and André Lopes (Brasilians)

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Collaborative Engagements with the DIY Electronic Music Scene of São Paulo

Speaker Mihai Andrei Leaha (Romanian)

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Filming (in) Times of Crisis

Reflecting Upon Visual Politics and Collaboration Against Controlling Images in Brazil

Speaker Paula Bessa Braz (Brasilian)

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> Filming in a Family <

How Grandfather Set up His "Million Dollar Shot"

Negotiating Directorial Roles and Authorship in Ethnographic Filmmaking

Speaker Jón Bjarki Magnússon

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Casting in Anthropological Filmmaking

Speakers Frode Storaas and Dipesh Kharel

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Producing a Community Soap Opera Series from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Speakers Daisy Meko Samuel, (Papua New Guinea), Regina Knapp (Germany), Verena Thomas (Germany/Australia)

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> Working in Different Ways <

Ethnographic Film as Cosmopolitan Product

Speakers Annelies Kuster (Belgian) and Erin Moriarty (US-American)

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Moving Images / Shifting Voices

(Re-)Negotiating Authorship and Essayistic Montage in Ethnographic Cinema

Speakers Anja Dresche and Michaela Schäuble (Germans)

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The Soloist

An Ethnographic Gaze on Rememberence and Forgiveness

Speaker Johann Olenitsch (German)

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> Collaborative Projects <

Who We Are

Teaching Ethnography Through Collaborative Filmmaking

Speaker Clara Kleiniger (Romanian)

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Working with Migrant Collectives in Barcelona

Speaker Christin Schuchardt (German)

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Creative Participation Projects

Speaker Lina Zacher (German)

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A Collaborative Filmmaking Approach to Identity Formation on Social Media

Speaker Kıvılcım Zafer Teoman (Turkish)

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